AA Oklahoma – From the Area 57 Webmaster


Thank you for stopping by the AA Oklahoma web site. I hope that you are finding all the information that you could possibly want here and that your experience is enjoyable.

My goals are to make maximum use of the wonderful help and knowledge base our previous webmaster continues to give so graciously and:

  1. Provide you a well designed, efficient web site that is user friendly and has all the information that you need.
  2. Provide timely Group Meeting Changes to all the groups that are supported.
  3. Bring new technology and innovative ideas to the area web site.
  4. Provide new web space to each Service Position, District Chair, or Area Committee

I am excited about this design of the web site, we have changed our look, our menus, even the functional aspects of the web site, but we have NOT changed our message.

In Loving Service,

Stewart St J.

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