Policy & Procedures

AA Oklahoma – Policy & Procedures Committee

The primary purpose of this service committee is to maintain the Oklahoma Area 57 Policy & Procedures and assist members of the fellowship with procedural or policy questions.

The chair of this committee, or a designated substitute, is the official parliamentarian at the General Assembly and Area Committee meetings, with the duty of ensuring that all motions are permitted by the Area 57/OK Policy and Procedures Manual. The Area Policy and Procedures Service Committee will provide leadership in ensuring this Manual remains consistent with the changing needs of the Area.

The purpose of the Manual is to document the essential ways in which we conduct our business in Area 57. The Area tries to keep a balance between keeping the Manual always current with the needs of the fellowship on the one hand, and at the same time avoiding making hasty or uninformed changes. Accordingly, we have developed the following process for proposed changes:

  • Proposed changes are submitted to the Area Policy and Procedures (P&P) Chair in writing.
  • The P&P Committee reviews and if necessary works with the submitter to make the proposal clear and consistent.
  • The proposal is presented at an Area Committee meeting for discussion.
  • The proposal then is out for fellowship review for the next quarter, or occasionally half, year.
  • At the next Area Committee meeting, the proposal is voted on by the Area Committee. A 2/3 majority is required to pass.

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