AA Oklahoma – Area Gratitude Committee


Started in Oklahoma, stays in Oklahoma, and used to benefit all 12th-step work in the State of Oklahoma.


  1. On your A.A. birthday (or that of a friend) you send the Oklahoma State Office $1.00 (suggested) for each year of sobriety.
  2. Although it is your own expression of gratitude for each year of sobriety, your group can also benefit by posting your group number either on the envelope or on your check.

Sounds simple, IT IS.  It also came about in just as simple a process.  In 1990, the State Office started receiving some inquiries about making birthday contributions to the state as well as to the national office.  In addition, there were some contributions received at the State Office earmarked as a “Birthday contribution”.  Thus the idea was started.  Gene B. was the Chairman at the time and Jane G. was the Secretary.  After talking this over between themselves and others, the idea started to become a reality.  On March 17, 1991, it was brought to the State Committee to consider and it was suggested that an Ad Hoc Committee be appointed.  The Ad Hoc Committee consisted of Day F., Joe McC. and Sally J.  In March of 1992, the proposed Oklahoma State Gratitude Plan came into being with the definite purpose:  “FOR THE MEMBERS OF THE OKLAHOMA STATE AREA 57 TO SHOW GRATITUDE FOR TIME OF SOBRIETY AND TO HELP OKLAHOMA AREA 57 BE SELF SUPPORTING AND THEREBY PRACTICE THE PRINCIPLE OF THE SEVENTH TRADITION”.  The State Committee approved the Plan and it started into operation, with Gene B. asking Sally J. to chair this Committee until September 1992.

There are now envelopes available at the State Office for your convenience in mailing in your contributions but any envelope will do.  Write your check, $1.00 for each year of sobriety (suggested), mark it “Oklahoma Gratitude Plan”, and include your name, address, and your group name and number if they are to be credited.  Also, the Bulletin has a form that can be used in lieu of the envelope.

The following is taken almost word for word from something that was written by Elizabeth E. in 1977.


The Gratitude Plan is for everyone  …  active newer members filled with gratitude at the miracle of sobriety, and Old Timers who may be less active, but still want to help carry the message.

Participation in the Gratitude Plan is a privilege.  Only by staying sober do we earn the right to have a part in it.

NOVEMBER IS GRATITUDE MONTH.  Did you send in your contribution on your last A.A. birthday?  If not, send it today.

Have questions? Email the Gratitude Committee Chair

Want a gratitude envelope to fill out online?

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