Bridge the Gap

AA Oklahoma – Bridging the Gap BTG Committee

The Bridging the Gap Committee provides clients being released from a facility with a temporary contact and a plan to get them to A. A. meetings immediately on discharge from the facility.

View the GSO Bridging the Gap pamphlet

View Oklahoma’s Bridge the Gap pamphlet

View the Some Simple BTG Work That You Can Do pamphlet

View the AA BTG Volunteer Card (a/k/a “yellow card”) card

View the BTG Client Card (was “purple card”) now blue card


Fill out Blue Card Online to the Bridge the Gap Chair

Fill Out a Form to Join a Bridge The Gap Team

Fill Out a Yellow Card Online to Volunteer

Fill Out a Form to Receive contact from the Bridge the Gap Team

Printable “blue” card

Printable “yellow” card

Have questions or comments? Email the committee chair

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