AA Oklahoma – Technologies Committee

Explore the World of Digital Communication While Maintaining Anonymity

We will provide an interactive workshop that dives into how modern technologies can help you and your group carry the life-saving message of Alcoholics Anonymous. Learn about the potential of the internet, computers, homepages, cell phones, websites, chat, forums, and email to reach and support those in need.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Carrying the Message through Modern Technology
    • Discover various online resources available for AA groups
    • Discuss the balance between embracing technology and respecting traditions
  2. Anonymity in the Digital Age
    • Explore the nuances of maintaining anonymity at the public level (11th Tradition)
    • Understand the importance of anonymity at the personal level (12th Tradition)

This workshop is sponsored by the Area 57 Technologies Committee and is open to all. Admission is free, and you can schedule a workshop for your district at any time.

For more information or to start the discussion, please contact email [email protected]

Become informed, stay connected, and help us carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous through the power of modern technology while maintaining our cherished principles of anonymity.

Josh L.

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