District 20

Service Positions for this District are below:
Position Name
District 20 Chair Jared B.
District 20 Alt Chair  
Treasurer Brooke H.
Secretary Angelica G.
DCM Zone 1 Joann J.
Alt DCM Zone 1 Scott B.
DCM Zone 2 Brandee Jo R.
Alt DCM Zone 2  
DCM Zone 3 Jared B.
Alt DCM Zone 3  
DCM Zone 4 Charley H.
Alt DCM Zone 4 Cooper R.
DCM Zone 5 Sam S.
Alt DCM Zone 5 David O.
DCM Zone 6 Steffann P.
Alt DCM Zone 6  
Position Name
Accessibilities Angela B.
Archives Alexandra T.
Bridge the Gap Pierce R.
CPC David O.
Corrections Angela T.
Grapevine Chris M.
Gratitude Steffann P.
Public Information MJ K.
Policy & Procedures Charley H.
Technologies Sam S. 
Treatment Drew L.

For assistance with District 20, please email district_20@aaoklahoma.org

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