District 20

Service Positions for this District are below:
Position Name
District 20 Chair Brandee Jo R.
District 20 Alt Chair Scott B.
Treasurer Cassandra W.
Secretary Angelica G.
DCM Zone 1 Joann J.
Alt DCM Zone 1  
DCM Zone 2 Ashley S.
Alt DCM Zone 2  
DCM Zone 3 Cullen C.
Alt DCM Zone 3 Cammie F.
DCM Zone 4 Cooper R.
Alt DCM Zone 4  
DCM Zone 5 Ken W.
Alt DCM Zone 5 Ned H.
DCM Zone 6 John N.
Alt DCM Zone 6 Scott B.
Position Name
Accessibilities Kathy H.
Archives Cynthia M.
Bridge the Gap Pierce R.
CPC Alex T.
Corrections Marc H.
Grapevine Vacant
Gratitude Kyler H.
Public Information Jason B.
Policy & Procedures Gabe S.
Technologies Michelle S.
Treatment Angela B.

For assistance with District 20, please email district_20@aaoklahoma.org

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