District 10

AA Oklahoma – District 10

Greetings from the District 10 Chair

For more info, contact District Chair Paula B.

Next Quarterly Meeting: 8/27/2023 @ 2 PM at Free Life Group, 1872 Airport Dr, Shawnee, OK 740804

District 10 Contributions should be mailed to PO Box 7081, Moore, OK 73153

Hope to see you there!

District Chair Tina B.
DCM Cluster 1 Andy D.
Alt DCM Cluster 1 Bryce J.
DCM Cluster 2 Joann D.
Alt DCM Cluster 2 April W.
DCM Cluster 3 Jorja S.
Alt DCM Cluster 3 Jody F.
DCM Cluster 4 Ed C.
Alt DCM Cluster 4 Lance N.
DCM Cluster 5 Justin C.
Alt DCM Cluster 5 Shelly W.
DCM Cluster 6 Staci N.
Alt DCM Cluster 6 Vacant
Service Chairs
Archives Chair Mark H.
Bridge the Gap Chair
Corrections Chair Shawna C.
CPC Chair
Grapevine Chair Amanda R.
OK Gratitude Plan Chair Joann D.
Policy & Procedures Chair Ken E.
Public Information Chair Dustin T.
Technologies Chair Steven B.
Treatment Chair Mike B.
District Secretary Paula B.
District Treasurer Bobby D.
Archives Co-Chair Lil N.

If you are interested in any of these positions or in helping out on the committee, please contact me through the link provided below, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair.

    Thank You, Tina B., District 10 Chair  

Have questions? Email the District 10 Chair

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