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AA Oklahoma – About State Sponsored Workshops

What are State Sponsored Workshops?

State Sponsored Workshops can cover any number of topics and may be scheduled anywhere in the State.  They can draw from the experience of a wide variety of experience from all around the state.  They are a forum for groups and districts to exchange ideas and learn from each other.  They provide an informal atmosphere where local and area-wide people get together to consider topics of general and local interest.

What topics might be covered at a State Sponsored Workshop?

Topics can be any subject related to AA Unity or Service which may be useful in your setting.  Click here for a list of some topics.  Others can be done as well.<

Where might a State Sponsored Workshop be useful?

In any situation where there is a need, anywhere in the state. Some examples:

  • In remote areas, workshops have been found to renew interest and participation, where perhaps it had faded.
  • In Groups, Cities, or Districts where problems of group unity, traditions, sponsorship, etc. are found, a workshop can bring fresh perspective.
  • A workshop can reinvigorate any service committee by raising awareness of the work of the committee and letting the fellowship know of the possibilities for service.  Workshops on CPC, PI, Treatment, Corrections etc have proved most valuable.

Where might a mini-workshop be useful?

Mini-workshops of one or two topics can be arranged in conjunction with District Meetings, Dinners, or other gatherings.  These might be 30 minutes to 2 hours in length, and could be scheduled either as part of the agenda, or as separate sessions before or after the meeting.

How would I go about scheduling a workshop?

Your Alternate Area Chair arranges the workshops. Just email, or call the State office at 405-842-1200 (9:00am to 1:00pm, Monday – Thursday) to contact her. . She will visit with you and others interested, and schedule a planning session to select topics, date, location, etc.  The Area has budgeted funds to cover rent, meat for potluck etc as needed.

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