Budget & Finance Committee

Voting PositionsName
TreasurerCurt L.
Alternate TreasureJennifer N.
MemberDennis C.
MemberPhil S.
MemberRoss D.
MemberFred R.
MemberMark H.
Non-Voting PositionsName
Area ChairDiane W.
Area SecretaryNovie H.

Area Budget & Finance Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The following is a simple summary list of most primary duties. Full official description and details are found in the Area 57 Policy & Procedures Manual and the Budget & Finance Committee Working Document available on the Area website and on file at the Area 57 Office in OKC.

  • Oversee, manage, and monitor Area financial affairs in a manner that assures the security and availability of funds for use as decided by the Area Committee and the fellowship they represent.
  • Produce, prepare, manage, and maintain effective accounting records and provide financial reporting to area officers, committees, and the fellowship.
  • Selection & use of needed computer and software applications to facilitate duties as specified.
  • Promote and maintain active 2-way communications with Area officers, staff, committee Chairs, etc. – especially regarding budgeting and expenditures.
  • Prepare the annual budget.
  • Produce and validate monthly Bank Reconciliations (2-party sign-off plus Budget & Finance Committee review).
  • Meet at least quarterly to review & approve Quarter Financial Reports.
  • Determine the min-max operating balance thresholds for the operating/checking bank account and the Prudent Reserve savings account.
  • Identify, address, and recommend solutions to Area financial matters as needed
  • Develop and recommend corrections, changes, or additions to related Area Policy & Procedures relating to financial matters if needed.
  • Determine if, when, and how any audit of Area operations or records is required.
  • Develop, manage, maintain, and communicate written financial practices and processes related to operations. Examples include but are not limited to expense reports, reimbursement requests, online applications such as Venmo, QuickBooks, and banking apps, etc.
  • Prepare and file necessary IRS, State, or other government agency tax documents required in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Working with the Area Webmaster to develop, manage, and maintain an online document & records “vault” and archive of official reports, records, and financial work documents.