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AA Oklahoma – From the District 80 Chair

Greetings from the District 80 Chair


I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to be your District 80 chair. It is truly a pleasure to serve and I will do my best to serve the District and AA as a whole. We still have a couple positions open for District Chairs. They are: Language Services & Special Needs Chair and Technologies Chair. If you know someone interested in serving in a position please bring them to our next District 80 meeting.

Chairs for District 80
DCMC: Elizabeth C.
Alt. DCMC: Francine W.
Sec/Treasurer: Tine M.
Archives: Jeff M.
Bridge The Gap: Jeff Z.
Cooperation with the Professional Community: Rexanne R.
Grapevine: Liz Cr.
Gratitude: Rikki
Language Services & Special Needs: Open
Policy & Procedures: Alan H.
Public Information: Richard S.
Technologies: Open
Treatment: Elise S.

District Committee Chair
Francine W.
Scott C.
Gene E.
Jeff O.
Jeff Z.
Julie S.

Last District 80 meeting was February 25, 2018 in Duncan, OK at 806 W. Chestnut and the next meeting will be held June 3, 2018 in Lawton, OK at 1210 SW Avenue in the blue metal building on the hill from 1:15 to 5:00 PM.

Grateful in service,
Elizabeth C., DCMC


Have questions? Email the District 80 Chair

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