District 20

Service Positions for this District are below:

District Chair                Bruce M

Alt District Chair         Lee B

District Secretary         MJ K

District Treasurer         Amanda R

Zone 2         DCM        Traci A

Zone 3         DCM       Alec P (Petey); Alt DCM Donna D

Zone 4         DCM        Lee B

Zone 5         DCM        Michael S       Alt DCM   Sherri H

Zone 6         DCM       Tom N

Archives Chair               Annette S

Bridge the Gap Chair    Josh S

Corrections Chair          KC M

CPC Chair                Vacant

Grapevine Chair           Annette S

Gratitude Chair            Bradley C

Lang. Services/Accessibilities Chair    Vacant

Public Information Chair       Chris B

Policies and Procedures Vacant

Technologies Chair       Clifford S

Treatment Chair            MJ  K

Next District 20 Qtr Meeting is March 10th at Noon held

One day at a time

AA Oklahoma