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AA Oklahoma - From the Delegate

April 28, 2016

Hello from the floor of the 67th General Service Conference where debate continues in the service of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am so blessed to be here and be involved in this process. The past few days have been an in depth study of Trust the Process. This work requires intense listening and focus, so your prayers for me to keep an open mind and a closed mouth have been, not only needed, but very much necessary. I'm happy to report your prayers have, to a great extend, been answered.

The 67th Annual General Service Conference has been tasked with the largest amount of Agenda Items in the history of the Conference and we have added to our work load by bringing to the floor 7 Floor Actions. The days are long but the work is getting done and I have great confidence this group will button the whole thing up somewhere close to the time the conference is scheduled to close and the work is being done well. I will need every minute allowed to put my report together in time to present it to you at our upcoming Area 57 Conference. As I write this, Bill Noonan, AAWS Trustee, is addressing this assembly and I am reminded what an interesting individual he is, what a dedicated servant of the Fellowship he is and a really interesting speaker. Bill will be the GSO speaker at our upcoming conference and will give us a presentation you won't want to miss.

This Conference has shown a tremendous amount of love and attention to our military men and women, past and present, thanks to the work of the good folks in Area 57's District 20. No less than 8 actions have been taken by 3 different committees at this conference that enhance the ability of AA to welcome and serve our past and present members of the military in the United States and Canada.

I have much to report and promise to do so in a timely and interesting manner when we meet at Area 57's Conference. Thank you for your confidence. You have blessed me more than words can express. Thank you.

Ben B. Buckland
3120 NW 52nd
Oklahoma City, Ok 73112

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