District 10

AA Oklahoma – From the District 10 Chair

Greetings from the District 10 Chair

District 10 Contributions should be mailed to : PO Box 7081, Moore, OK 73153

Our District Meetings will be held at the Kelley Club in OK City.


Hope to see you there!

I am honored to be chosen for this position and will do my best to serve District 10 and AA as a whole.

This web page is intended to serve as a communication link between District 10 and the community we serve.

If you have any questions or concerns about what is going on in District 10, or want to get in the service structure there are several openings available for committee chairs or committee members. The list below it is not limited to chair positions there are plenty of opportunities in all committees.

DCM’s Alternate DCM’s
Laura T Ruth M
David Y Chris A
Steve L Brett S
Phil S  Thom T.
Rich C Tommy F
Ken E


Service Committee Chairs
Corrections Robert T
Archives Jason F
Grapevine Joey D
Gratitude Taylor M
P.I. Audrey L
BTG   Jessica W
C.P.C. Tom H
Treatment  Tucker C
Technologies Jared S
Language Services & Special Needs Tonya P
Policies & Procedures



Bobby D

Bob S.

Jenny O.

If you are interested in any of these positions or helping out on the committee, please contact me through the link provided below, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair. 

     Thank You

        Phil S.

Have questions? Email the District 10 Chair


One day at a time

AA Oklahoma