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AA Oklahoma – Policy & Procedures Committee

The primary purpose of this service committee is to maintain the Oklahoma Area 57 Policy & Procedure Manual Updated March 2019 and assists members of the fellowship with procedural or policy questions.

The chair of this committee, or a designated substitute, is the official parliamentarian at the General Assembly and Area Committee meetings, with the duty of ensuring that all motions are permitted by the Area 57/OK Policy and Procedures Manual. The Area Policy and Procedures Service Committee will provide leadership in ensuring this Manual remains consistent with the changing needs of the Area.

The purpose of the Manual is to document the essential ways in which we conduct our business in Area 57. The Area tries to keep a balance between keeping the Manual always current with the needs of the fellowship on the one hand, and at the same time to avoid making hasty or uninformed changes. Accordingly we have developed the following process for proposed changes:

  • Proposed changes are submitted to the Area Policy and Procedures (P&P) Chair in writing.
  • The P&P Committee reviews and if necessary works with the submitter to make the proposal clear and consistent.
  • The proposal is presented at an Area Committee meeting for discussion.
  • The proposal then is out for fellowship review for the next quarter, or occasionally half, year.
  • At the next Area Committee meeting, the proposal is voted on by the Area Committee. A 2/3 majority is required to pass.

Upcoming Business

Proposal 1

Area Accessiblities Propsoal with amendements

CURRENT Section E-1
This committee shall consist of an Area Language Services Chair, and eight District Languages Services
Chairs, one from each district. The primary purpose of this service committee is to assist the districts
with their local Language Services activity. The Language Services Committee is to provide non-English
speaking members the opportunity to participate fully in Area Third Legacy service. This committee, to
help overcome the language barrier experienced by non-English speaking members, will provide
translators, translating equipment, and bilingual printed materials as deemed necessary. This will allow
those who would otherwise be unable to serve because of language barriers, to be of service to other
Area service committees where language keeps us from reaching all that wish to recover. All translating
equipment will be kept at the Area Committee office and used under the supervision of the Language
Service Committee.

PROPOSED Section E-1
This committee shall consist of an Area Accessibilities Chair, and eight District Accessibilities Chairs, one
from each district. The Accessibilities committee assists A.A. members who have a variety of challenges
in accessing the A.A. message, Twelve Step work, and other A.A. services. Accessibilities issues apply to
all alcoholics who have difficulties participating in A.A., whether those difficulties are mental, physical,
geographic, cultural, ethnic, spiritual, or emotional. This committee will help enable those with any
difficulties to be of service to the other Area service committees and the Fellowship where any barrier
may keep them from all who wish to recover. All translating equipment will be kept at the Area
Committee office and used under the supervision of the Accessibilities Committee.

Proposal 2

Area Reigstrar Motion (2)

B-2 Elected Officers
The Elected Officers of the Area Committee are the:
 Area Delegate
 Area Alternate Delegate
 Area Chair
 Area Alternate Chair
 Area Treasurer
 Area Alternate Treasurer
 Area Registrar

These Officers are elected biennially (even numbered years) at the September Area General Assembly to
a two-year term. The two-year term for all of these Elected Officers will commence immediately at the
close of the December Area Committee Meeting. The incoming and outgoing Elected Officers will work
together for continuity from September to December. In the spirit of rotation, these Officers are elected to
serve only one term. Elected Officers may not vote or make motions at Area Committee meetings, but
may participate in discussions.

B-7 Duties of the Area Registrar

The duties of the Area Registrar are set forth in a document entitled “Duties of the Area 57 Registrar”
(Revised XXX) on file at the Oklahoma Area Committee office in Oklahoma City. This is a working
document approved by the Area Committee. Changes may be submitted by the Area Chair to the Area
Advisory Committee for review and recommendation. Final approval for any change must come from the
Area Committee. However, the Area Chair has discretion to make urgent or obvious changes, pending
approval of the Area Committee

Duties of the Area 57 Registrar (draft only, external working document)
The duties of the Area Registrar include but are not limited to:
 Maintain GSO’s database for Area 57 as the Area 57 Record Keeper for all Area groups and district
updates, and service position updates. This includes but is not limited to meeting schedules, meeting
places, and contacts.
 Collects and updates names and contact info for Area 57 DCMs, GSRs, Alternate DCM and GSRs,
Officers, Area and District Service Chairs.
 Provides current and updated information on groups to the District Chairs and DCMs.
 Reports at quarterly Area meetings on the number of registered groups in Area 57.


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