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AA Oklahoma - Area and District Service Committees

Your District and Area Service Committees provide opportunities for service. They exist to inform, encourage, and support individuals and groups in carrying the message. Check out the possibilities below.

To contact a committee use the email link, or call the Area Office at 405-842-1200 (9:00am to 1:00pm, Monday - Thursday)

The Correctional Facilities Committee coordinates the work of individual A.A. members and groups in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in correctional facilities. Email.
The Treatment Facilities Committee coordinates the work of individual A.A. members and groups in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities. Email.

The Public Information Committee disseminates accurate information to the public and within the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Information dissemination techniques include the placing of Conference-approved, no charge public service announcements with radio and television stations, the distribution of pertinent Conference-approved publications, assisting in providing qualified A. A. members as speakers for non-A. A. Meetings and other services in the field of public information. Email

The Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC) Committee informs professionals about A. A. A professional is defined as a physician, nurse, clergy, attorney, social worker, industrial manager or those working in the field of alcoholism. The committee attempts to establish better communications with these professionals and inform them about what A. A. is, where it is, what A. A. can do and what it cannot do. Email.
The Bridging the Gap Committee provides clients being released from a facility with a temporary contact and a plan to get them to A. A. meetings immediately on discharge from the facility. Email.
The Language Services Committee provides non-English speaking members the opportunity to participate fully in Area Third Legacy service. This committee helps overcome the language barrier experienced by non-English speaking members, by providing translators, translating equipment, and bilingual printed materials. This allows those who would otherwise be unable to serve because of language barriers, to be of service to other Area service committees where language keeps us from reaching all that wish to recover. Email.
The Grapevine Committee is to encourage the sale of the Grapevine©, our meeting in print.
Information and Resources for Grapevine RepresentativesEmail
The Area 57 Gratitude Plan Committee is to inform the Area about the opportunity to contribute to the Area Committee via the Gratitude Plan. Email
The Archives Committee is responsible for establishing policy, budgets and procedures with respect to the Area 57 archives. It undertakes and maintains final responsibility and authority for the use of the archives and exercises its group conscience in regard to matters of general policy.
Please use this Archives History Form to submit group histories. Email .
The Technology Committee assists the districts in their use of the Area 57 website, operates the web site, and reviews all original media insuring that all Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts are followed Email.