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Hello Area 57 Fellowship!
Below is a letter from Greg T:

Dear General Service Conference members,

Last evening, legal counsel for A.A. World Services, Inc. and the General Service Board moved on behalf of the boards in the legal matter of the Printer’s Copy Manuscript:

A.A. World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.) has applied to the New York State Supreme Court to voluntarily dismiss its case related to the 1939 Printer’s Copy Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous, our Big Book. A.A.W.S. maintained, and continues to maintain, that the manuscript rightfully belongs to A.A.W.S., pursuant to a specific, irrevocable gift that was conveyed by Barry L. In addition, for all of the reasons given by A.A.W.S. in its initial papers in May, temporary restraints were fully appropriate and supported by law, given (among other things) A.A.W.S.’s superior claim to title, the singular nature of the Manuscript, and the impending auction and anticipated removal of the Manuscript from New York.

Since the time that this action was filed, A.A.W.S. has decided that it is no longer in our best interests to pursue this litigation, despite the uniqueness of the document and A.A.W.S.’s clear ownership right. The time and expense of engaging in protracted litigation has become too significant a distraction from A.A.W.S.’s and the General Service Board’s responsibility as the organized service structure of our Fellowship, whose primary purpose is assisting recovering alcoholics.

We understand that, in this day of instant communication, many interested members of the Fellowship have already received notification of the court filing, and we apologize for that. The office is committed to sharing information with Conference members as soon as we responsibly can.

With warm A.A. regards, in service,

Greg T.

Thank you for your service.


Ben B.

Area 57 State Office 405-842-1200

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