AA Oklahoma – From the Delegate

Hello Area 57 Fellowship!

Dear General Service Conference members,

I am writing to inform you that the General Service Office was recently contacted by a representative of the current owner of the 1939 Printer’s Copy Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous, inquiring as to our interest in exhibiting the Manuscript on loan at G.S.O.

Expressing gratitude for the offer, I indicated that our existing G.S.O. Archives policy precludes us from accepting or displaying any archival material on loan. Thereby, we would have to decline the opportunity to exhibit the Manuscript.

In bringing this matter to your attention, I have also informed the General Service Board and the A.A. World Services Board of this inquiry and my response.

I hope that you are having a great season of service as you report out to the Fellowship the work of our productive 2018 Conference, and, as you make such reports, please feel free to share this latest information.

In fellowship and service,


G. Gregory Tobin

General Manager

General Service Office of A.A.

475 Riverside Drive

New York, New York  10115

Direct: (212) 870-3145


Ben B.

Area 57 State Office 405-842-1200

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AA Oklahoma